Peace Work in Finland

The Peace Union of Finland offers a wide range of different activities in the field of peace work:

We support more efficient conflict resolution, conflict prevention and civilian crisis management.

The Peace Union promotes the idea that the resources used on military expenditure should be channeled to human security and development.

Our people advocate Finnnish Parliament and Government on disarmanent, peace and security issues and lobby for the issues related to our field.

We participate in global campaigns, such as: Control Arms, which aims at achieving a Global Arms Trade Treaty; The Cluster Munition Coalition (CMC) , which is an international campaign to ban cluster munitions; the International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL) and Abolition 2000 and Mayors for Peace networks, which both aim at total elimination of nuclear weapons.

We publish books, reports and magazines.

In our Peace School, we strive to educate and foster a
non-violent culture for children. We create and develope new methods
of peace education. We also organise education for mentors of Peace School.


We organise various kinds of activities, such as the yearly
Hiroshima evening, the International Day of Peace and Disarmament