Peace Union of Finland: Syria's peace needs to be built! Finland needs a program for peace politics


In Peace Union of Finland’s opinion, the US, British and French missile strikes in Syria are not the right solution and don't give the right message, while the war in Syria is part of wider superpower politics. In the peace movement, we are concerned that bombings will escalate the conflict and, above all, that the relationship between the nuclear powers will become even worse and that the dangerous threatening with weaponry will continue.

The use of chemical weapons is a war crime and the perpetrators must be held responsible for their actions. It is crucial to get the correct information on the use of chemical weapons. Inspectors of the Chemical Weapons Organization (OPCW) should now be allowed to enter the area to carry out the necessary checks. Also Finland could contribute by investing the verification of the use of chemical weapons, in order to find out the facts, determine who the perpetrators are and see they are brought to justice.

Finnish foreign policy makers should be more active in promoting peace and dialogue, and not just conform to the superpowers.

The Peace Union of Finland had an annual spring meeting on 15 April 2018. The Peace Union is an umbrella organization for 16 Finnish NGO's and associations working for peace. It promotes peace, disarmament and peace education in Finland and worldwide. At the Spring Summit, it was also decided to propose to the Finnish Government that it should establish a parliamentary committee to prepare a peace program for Finland.