In our work, we want to build long lasting peace and reduce human suffering.

The principles of the Peace Union of Finland were reformed in 2007. We consider the following thesis vital. Governments are in key position in their implementation, but they can’t be realized without enlightened opinions of the public, vital civic activity and determined lobbying.

  • Human value of all people must be respected. Freedoms and rights in the United Nations’s Declaration on Human Rights and other human rights treaties are to be guaranteed for all
  • International justice system, as defined in the Declaration by United Nations, is obeyed in all international relations
  • Individuals decision to refuse to kill is respected as a human right
  • Economical and social equality is promoted between and within nations. This goal conducts especially organisations creating rules in global trade and development work.
  • Co-operationional relations between states are built on recognising multilateral dependency and equality. Intentions for ascendancy based on military and economical power are rejected.
  • Conflicts between nations and different groups are solved without violence. Ability and know-how of preventing local conflicts and non-violent peacekeeping of the international community is promototed.
  • International crisis management is primarily always considered as civil crisis management. Operations of regional organisations are always performed in amity with the United Nations and in adherence with Declaration by United Nations and human rights standards.
  • Complete and effective ban on mass destruction weapons, such as nuclear weapons, is implemented immediately.
  • Disarmanent and arms trade bans must be promoted efficiently. Resources tied in military are to be released into preventing conflicts, peacekeeping operations and promoting development and human security.
  • United Nations and regional and international structures of co-operation implementing the principles of the United Nations are strengthened.