– 1.4.2020

Crowdfund Peace

Vihreä sydänrauhanmerkki, jonka taustalla kuvia Rauhanliiton toiminnasta.

This is a story of people who believe that peace is achieved by building it. Help us to continue our work!


Crowdfund peace


The Peace Union of Finland is a non-profit organisation working for peace. We bring disarmament issues to public discussion and politicians’ agendas. We advocate for a ban on killer robots and promote nuclear disarmament. We strive to stop arms exports to countries at war.

We raise awareness to change the discourse on military spending; we campaign for reallocation of military expenditure to human security and tackling climate change. The Peace Union is based in Finland, but often we cooperate with international campaign networks.

We have been an advocate for a collaborative world and peace-building for a hundred years.

Peace is achieved by building it together

Dramatic cuts in government funding for civil society organisations have caused difficulties for many Finnish non-profit organisations working for peace. After hard work and persistent campaigning, the grants were returned to nearly pre-cut levels.

Yet again, the general funding for the Peace Union of Finland was cut in 2020. Our grant from the Ministry of Justice fell by 20% compared to last year. 30 000 euros is a large amount of money for a small organisation that has been tightening its belt for many years already. As a result, our ability to continue our advocacy in support of peace and disarmament is at stake.

But thanks to people like you, we still have hope! Join us to show how many of us are standing for peace. Crowdfund us and ask your friends to join too!

How your support makes a difference?

With your support, we will be able to continue campaigning for peace and disarmament. These are some of the things that we are planning to work on this year:

  • Continue campaigning to stop arms exports to countries at war and to cut military spending.
  • Advocate for Finland’s support for an international treaty to ban killer robots;
  • Advocate for Finland to sign the Nuclear Ban Treaty;

If we reach at least our minimum goal, we will send you a campaign badge. If you donate 100 euros or more, we will send you also an invitation to the 100th anniversary of the Peace Union of Finland in Helsinki in November 2020.

If we don’t reach our minimum goal amount, Mesenaatti will send your money back to you.

Money collection permit of the Peace Union of Finland: RA/2019/1153

Thank you for your support!

Crowdfund peace