What we do

Sormet pitelevät vihreäsävyistä rauhanmerkkikorua vaaleaa taustaa vasten

The Peace Union of Finland works with a whole range of peace and disarmament issues by lobbying and advocating for Finnish Government and the European Union of peace policies. We offer a wide range of different activities in the field of peace work.

  • We promote the idea that the resources used on military expenditure should be redirected to human security and development.
  • We advocate Finnish Parliament and Government on disarmanent, peace and security issues and lobby for the issues related to our field.
  • We support more efficient conflict resolution, conflict prevention and civilian crisis management.
  • Peace Union of Finland is a member of the International Peace Bureau. We participate in several global campaigns for disarmament. You can learn more about them here.
  • We publish books, reports and magazines.

Peace education

In our Peace School, we strive to educate and foster a non-violent culture for children. We create and develop new methods of peace education. We also offer trainings for teachers and youth leaders about global education through participatory drama methods.

Peace Station

Our centre for peace activism and advocacy is located next to the railway station in Pasila, Helsinki. Here you can find offices of several peace organisations as well as spaces for meetings and other events.


We organize regularly various kinds of activities, such as the
Hiroshima evening and events on the International Day of Peace and Disarmament. You’re welcome to join us!