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Our office is located at the Peace Station in Pasila, Helsinki. We have four persons at our office: the executive director, administrative chief, communications and advocacy specialist and specialist on global education.


Ms. Laura Lodenius

Executive Director
tel. +358 40 717 7762

Ms. Tuuli Vuori

Communications and Advocacy Specialist
tel. +358 40 099 8275

Ms. Marja Meriläinen

Administrative Chief
tel. +358 40 717 1575
Administration, the Peace Station reservations

Ms. Annukka Toivonen

Educator and Specialist on Global Education
tel. +358 50 597 9629
Bookings of the Peace School, trainings and workshops


Peace Union of Finland
Veturitori 3
00520 Helsinki

tel. +358 40 717 1575