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Our office is located at the Peace Station in Pasila, Helsinki. Four persons work permanently at our office: the executive director, chief administrative officer, communications and advocacy specialist and specialist on global education. In addition, numerous project coordinators and volunteers work daily on Peace Station.


Laura Lodenius

Executive Director
tel. +358 40 717 7762

Elias Laitinen 

Chief Administrative Officer
tel: +358 41 317 0912

Annukka Toivonen

Educator and Specialist on Global Education
tel. +358 50 597 9629
Bookings of the Peace School, trainings and workshops

Julia Jernvall 

Communications specialist
tel. +358 40 099 8275

Antti Avarre

Graphic designer

Peace station

Vili Nurmi

civil servant
Peace stations customer service, reception of shipments, status displays etc.
tel. +358 40 483 0403

Sylvi Ridell

Peace station booking calendar
tel. +358 40 717 1575



Peace Union of Finland
Veturitori 3
00520 Helsinki

tel. +358 40 717 7762