– 23.10.2020

Webinar: A Climate of Peace

A Climate of Peace. Webinar on November 7, 2020.

The world is facing an array of crises: from great power conflict and nuclear weapon buildups to climate change, health pandemics and inequality. With peace as a center point, this webinar will discuss today’s challenges and the linkages between the issues.

The wide range of speakers will discuss how to address the issues and create a true climate of peace.


10:00–10:10 Opening words by Lisa Clark, International Peace Bureau IPB co-president.

10:10–10:30 The two interlinked mega challenges in today’s world:

  1. How to prevent nuclear war and achieve nuclear disarmament
  2. How to stop global warming and promote sustainable development

Key note address by Dan Smith, the Director of SIPRI

10.30–11.15 Comments by Philip Jennings and Reiner Braun from the International Peace Bureau IPB, and Kaisu Kinnunen, Chair of the Committee of 100.

Questions and comments

(Short break)

11.30–12.15 Peace, Health and Development

  1. Early lessons of the COVID pandemic on the concept of Health and Development
  2. The links between Disarmament and Development

Remarks by Sally Wambui Kamiti (IPPNW), Binalakshmi Nepram (CAFI) and Jordi Calvo (Centre Delàs and IPB).

Questions and comments

12.15–12.30 Concluding statement on Prospects for a Culture of Peace by Ingeborg Breines, Peace Educator, former director of the Women and a Culture of Peace Programme of Unesco.

12.40 Closing words by Tarja Cronberg, Chair of the Peace Union of Finland.